Festsaal der Städtischen Sing- und Musikschule, München

YML Princeton - 01

“Thank you all for coming!
As some of you might know, my mother went to Princeton. Because she is an alum we had many Nassoons stay with us over the years during their Germany tours. I remember the first time Princeton boys came to us: I was probably about 5; I didn’t even play the piano then! They were very kind, so polite and, well, obviously super smart. I had no idea then that I would grow up to be a musician and get to share the stage with them one day! This is such an honor!!

My friends who are going to perform tonight are all part of Young Musicians Live; a group I started with my sister Ayla Sophie with the aim of making music for people who don’t have regular access to classical music and to create music education programs for younger children.

We called this a benefit concert tonight because we would love to ask you to make a contribution, whatever your heart desires, at the end of the evening to the basket by the door – this would help us immensely with the cost of transporting our instruments, printing our invitations, and updating our website. Thank you so much in advance!!
Well, let’s get started. We have put together a very special “classical meets a capella” program for you!! Hope you enjoy it!!”

Maximilian’s speech before the concert

Impressionen vom Konzert

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